Individual Tax Return

We have the knowledge and expertise to prepare your tax return.

Tax Preparation for Individuals:

We offer comprehensive, reliable tax preparation services for individuals, including for professionals, the self-employed, and anyone else with complex tax returns. No matter the nature of your financial circumstances, we are here to help.

Our tax preparation team will gather all relevant documents (1099s forms, W-2s forms, investment records, etc).

Standard forms:  

      • 1040
      • 1040-SR
      • 1040-NR

Standard schedules:  

      • A (Itemized Deductions)
      • B (Interest and Dividends)
      • C (profit or loss from business)
      • D (Capital Gains and Losses)
      • E (Rental Property, pass thru entities)

Most people don’t need any additional forms beyond those listed, but if you need any, we can prepare those as well.

Profit or Loss From Business (Schedule C)

A small business US tax return is not needed if you are operating as a sole proprietorship. Income can simply be reported as self-employment income on a Schedule C as part of your individual Federal Tax Return. Self-employment income is subject to self-employment tax of 15.3%.


For the current tax year (or the tax year for which we are preparing your tax return), include as much documentation and supporting materials as possible.

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