Tax Preparation for Businesses:

We work with many small and mid-sized businesses with a comprehensive understanding of the accounting and tax needs of business owners. If you are looking for a small business tax preparation firm, we are ready to help. Our team assists business owners and managers with the full range of tax preparation issues.

  1. A small business tax return is needed for any business that is considered a separate entity such as a Partnership, Corporation, or S Corporation.
  2. Multi-member Limited Liability Company’s (LLC) will generally file a Partnership tax return.
  3. Single member and multi-member LLC’s may make an entity classification election on Form 8832 generally to be taxed as a corporation.

Tax Return Forms, including:

Forms 1065 (Partnership)

Form 1120 (Corporation)

Form 1120-S (S-corporation)


You can drown in the IRS website figuring out how to file your small business taxes, but no one ever grew a business by drowning, so we put together a simple, plain language service to getting your small business taxes filed, no matter what business entity you are.

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